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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 5, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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using membership rewards points to meet with the farmers that grow our sweet potatoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections that grow your business. trapped in cairo, an elderly american woman waiting in her apartment to be rescued. will this be the day that the u.s. gets her out? also ahead, the frosty reception at the super bowl. we have a live report from cowboys stadium at the winter wallop and impact. and it is a hero's welcome.
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a family embraces its new courageous canine with a heavy heart. good morning, everyone. welcome to msnbc's saturday. several new developments this morning as protesters in egypt rally for a 12th straight day calling on president hosni mubarak to leave office immediately. new this morning, the head of egypt's natural gas company says a fire at a gas pipeline near israel was caused by a gas leak. a bit earlier, egyptian television blamed a, quote, explosion and the government of the region blamed sabotage. egypt's vice president and military leader res discussing ways to limit president mubarak's powers. and the obama administration is working several diplomatic channels right now. secretary hillary clinton has spoen spoken with her counterpart in egypt.
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let's go live now to cairo. with another good morning to you, let's get an update on the situation of this 12th day of protests. >> well, alex, as you were just saying, there is a lot of political activity going on behind the scenes. a lot of meetings with the government and the opposition. the government and a group of wisemen, elders in the community, business leaders and others trying to figure out the way forward. the bottom line, it appears that president hosni mubarak is not going to resign anytime soon. the prime minister has been quoted on state television as saying today that stability is returning to the country and that the government can continue to function now normally or as it has been. so a clear message that the president is not going anywhere anytime soon and we've been hearing that for some time. meanwhile, out in the streets and in the central square, the
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protests do continue. there is a growing number of protesters who were arriving today. there are several thousand who stayed overnight and that number has been growing as we get later into the afternoon. the protesters have said that they are going to continue to protest. they want to keep up the pressure on the government. they want to keep the eyes of the world on cairo. so this standoff is apparently going to continue for some time. alex. >> what about the latest on is that explosion at the gas pipeline that's near the egypt/israel border? all of these conflicting reports, some of them could stir up a lot of passion suggesting sabotage. >> right. but the latest reports i've heard indicate that there is a gas leak. there seems to be no link between that accident, incident, whatever it is up there is in the sinai and the protests down here. there was a suggestion that it could have been sabotage. i believe the interior minister is the one who has been quoted as saying it doesn't appear to be that at all.
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but again, no connection to what's going on down here in the capitol. >> that seems somewhat irresponsible to make that jump considering the circumstances. what about what i was mentioning about the "new york times" report saying that egypt's vice president and military leaders are talking about limiting president the mubarak's power. what would they do, try to move him out of the palace? >> well, that seems to be the key method of what's going on now inside the government. that's the key thing that they're trying to happen is how do we give mubarak a graceful exit, how do we allow him to keep his dignity, if you will, but not be in charge of the functioning day-to-day government? the word disputize has been put forth as a way to give the power to the vice president. there's been reports that suggest he may go on an extended vacation, medical leave out of country, something that allows him to say that i'm still in charge, but perhaps not actually
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while still being president but, again, not really having his hands on the reigns of power on a day-to-day basis. the key question is what they can come up with that will satisfy the opposition and keep the protesters out of the streets or remove them out of the streets. but at this point, there's a lot of opposition as to what the government comes up with because they feel like they might be given reforms or promises that never comes to fruition or things that can be easily reversed. i'm trying to talk about this in oversimplified terms because we don't want to get too much into egyptian politics and egyptian government. but the bottom line is that hosni mubarak is not leaving the parliament -- i'm sorry, he's not leaving as president. they're trying to figure out some way to let him exit the day-to-day operations of the government. but again, the question is what will satisfy the opposition?
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>> ron allen, thank you for that update from cairo. we have new reports this morning that an american grandmother has been rescued from her cairo apartment. we're talking about 76-year-old mary thornberry who has been holed up with a rolling pin, a knife and her walking cane. lester holt has been following this story and joins us from jordan. lester, what a good day. what do you hear about how she was rescued? >> well, i spoke to her today. she's being careful with details because whoever helped her does not want to be identified. she did receive help during a lull in the fighting. she was brought out, brought to the airport in cairo where she spent the night and has been now contacted by u.s. embassy officials and you saw there in that video they're escorting her to the terminal. her story has generated a lot of interest new england our
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viewers. i've spoke ton her a number of times on telephone, the talk about her flight and her situation. a and, in fact, on thursday morning, where she was, tahrir square, was only at most a four to five-minute walk from where we were. we made arrangements to visit her and escort her out if we could do so safely. i ventured out and rlly couldn't get to her without getting through an area where there was active battles going on. i had to call her and say, well, we can't get to you, but there were some other individuals who found the proper moment to get her. she explained to me that she had a traditional head covering on to make herself less of a target. very difficult. she walk wes a cane. she had to walk quite a distance through rubble. there were things outside her hallway where she had tried to get in. there were people sleeping down in the lobby. she had some restless nights there. her water was cut off at one
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point. she could hear the chanting outside. she said she had that rolling pin nearby and ready to whoop them the i think was the term she told me at one point. but anyway, she's okay. she's tired. she's worn out. we heard from her at the airport. she has a long journey ahead of her. she's heading back to the u.s. she wants to come back to egypt. she retired here in the late '90s. she lived in a great place near the egyptian museum. so she will come back here, alex. >> and lester, i know she was initially displeased with the u.s. embassy and its lack of help. is it clear what they could have done better for her? >> well, when we did the story, she said she had gotten no help from the embassy. we did a story and the u.s. embassy called us and said, give us what you have, her numbers, contacts. we provided that information.
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to the best of my knowledge, she's being cagey about the actual rescue or being escorted is that that does not involve the embassy. however, they have since embraced her at the airport. she says they're treating her terrific, that things are going great and they're going to get her out on a charter if she's not already in the air. so everything has worked out. yes, she was very critical at first but apparently they're there for her now. >> lester, for those of us that have so much love and respect for you, i was watching you do that report and i admired your gumition, but as you were getting out of on there, i'm yelling at the tv going, lester, get out of there. turn around pup probably heard me because you turned it around. >> can i tell you, we got in that morning and we contacted her the night before and said we're going to do that. i came in that morning early and we thought, it will be quiet in the morning and we'll do it. and my cameraman says, what are you thinking? we sat there and my producer looked at the map and he's
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saying, no, that fighting was here and we're looking, maybe we come in this way. and i insisted. i said let's go out, let me just walk around. and we got out and the minute i stepped outside i was like, what am i thinking? because the eyes start turning towards you. my complexion can only take me so far here before people know you're a werner. you try to hide the camera. there was a tank soldier that looked at me and my heart was pumping. >> there was an egyptian student who was the one that said to you, don't do this. >> yeah. >> i remember he said you have to turn around. this is just not safe for you. >> and what you didn't hear, he was telling me that and we were concluded the interview and some kooind guys came up and chatted and i hated making the call to mary. i said, look, for our safety, for yourself, you're okay where you are for now and this will hopefully work out, which it did. >> and right now, we have mary thornberry who is joining us on the phone, as well.
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>> great. >> we're going to take the effort in that direction. mary, i hope you're listening right now. can you hear me? >> i am. much better than that gentleman. >> i'm glad you can hear me. that was your friend, lester hoel holt, with whom you had been speaking these last couple of days. >> oh, yes. >> tell me where you are now and what happened? how did you get there? >> well, this morning i decided that i would get out of here. i didn't know where here was going to be. i want people to understand that -- they kindly put me in a cab. and then so i got here and since
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i've been here, the consulate has -- the deputy -- the treat has been -- all the way. and then i mostly -- >> now, mary, you're on your way where, is that to athens you're going to go? >> yes, it's my understanding it will be athens. >> okay. mary, what were you -- >> and then to new york city. >> what were you able to take with you from your home? >> have, very little. in case i could do it myself, i could ham all the luggage. i have a little carryon, just like you put it up beside, over your head. i held that and then i had a -- for my carryon luggage.
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the suitcases are checked. >> you know, mary, has -- >> it is a country. i have -- slowly. so there's not really in my suitcase. i'm traveling with -- and nothing. >> mary, very quickly, have you gotten any sleep? you were up for so long protecting your home. imp -- in the background. would you repeat that? >> well, i was just asking you if you've gotten any sleep. >> i've lost you totally. >> all right. you know what? mary, we are so glad to speak with you and glad that you're safe and on your way home back to the states. i know cairo is your home, but good to talk with you and thank you for your time. safe travels. and everyone, stay with us.
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we're going to have more from cairo in just a short bit here on msnbc. it's a good thing tomorrow's super bowl game will be played indoors, because in a moment, we're going to check in with bill karins on the cold care in the heart of texas. and then our continuing coverage, we'll assess how the white house is handling the challenges. what are the challenges facing president obama with the standoff in egypt? ho meowners , rates have been going up, but you can still refinance to a fixed rate as low as 4.5% at, where customers save
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mother nature is causing a texas sized headache for fans trying to get to the super bowl tomorrow. harsh winter weather is to blame for it. janet sham berlin is line with more. good morning to you. >> alex, good morning.
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temperatures in the 20 degree range here n today. i don't know how much it's going to warm up. now new predictions could it be on super bowl sunday? we have 700 cancellations yesterday at dfw airport. love field was closed for a while. they're going to try to get people into town today. merchants here are saying they're not seeing as much business as they had hoped for. these two winter blasts back to back, who would have thought it with a super bowl in texas? they're very concerned about cowboys stadium behind me, which still has significant ice and snow on its roof. as it warms up, that will be starting to fall off. they're not letting people into a lot of the entrances. they're, instead, going in
9:19 am
through one central tunnel. that is what they're concerned about at this hour. we see the sun coming out now and that would cause the snow and ice to melt. so it's been a tough turn of events for the dallas area this week. but we still have the game coming up tomorrow night, alex. >> yeah, we sure do. janet, did you get a sense of what areas are being hit the hardest, hoelts, restaurants, extracurricular activities? >> i think the hotels are in great shape because people had to prepay them. the restaurants and the downtown venues that you would have to walk to, i think, are really upset and frustrated by the scenario that we're seeing here. but what can you do? it's an act of nature and we're going to see perhaps more of it before the weekend is out. >> you know, on the heels of that, thanks for the setup. i'm going to go to bill karins web has some explaining to do
9:20 am
especially for the folks travel to go dallas. what do you think the forecast is going to hold? >> the forecast is better. next in the last week, we have the 6 inches of snow. the sun is coming out. it will be sun and clouds. a mix the temperature of 39. hopefully 39 degrees. some of the highways, some of the ice will be gone. they can't remove it all. they don't have the equipment. tomorrow it's going to be cloudy, so we're not going to melt a lot of the snow. there could be a little freezing drizzle early in the morning. but by the afternoon as serve driving to the game, it will be fine. as far as the game is concerned, getting there shouldn't be a problem and the game is played indoors, so that's not a problem. the snow that hit dallas yesterday has brought snow to st. louis. indianapolis, you've gotten snow and more is on the way. could get 2 to 4 inches during
9:21 am
the day today. then this is going to roll up into new england later tonight. notice our friends in cleveland with a snow mix during the morning. toledo will get some, as well. it's an ugly weekend. it's not a nor'easter or anything like that. northern new england and central new england is where we'll deal with the snow and the ice. the pink is a winter storm warnings r warning for areas like bangor, maine. mostly the mountainous areas, the white and the green mountains, beautiful country up there. the ski resorts should do well, looking for 6 to 12 inches up in the mountains. but the big cities hartford, providence and boston, no problems for this storm. a couple of snowflakes and rain for the rest of the day. 40 degrees in new york city will be the warmest day we've seen in a while. that will be good. that will help melt some stuff. the rest of the country will look fine, alex. the next big storm should come midweek. until then, we get a bit of a break. >> bill karins, thanks for giving us the picture. we appreciate that. for all of you out here, we have a heart wauming story.
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9:26 am
situations regarding his statements regarding the situation in egypt. do you think the public deserves more or should we just sit back and respect the delicate nature of this situation? >> i think that we've been given enough information to respect the fact that he has a very difficult balancing act that he's trying to carry out, both the president and secretary clinton of remaining loyal to an ally of 30 years on one hand, but being supportive of democ t democratic, we hope, forces on the other hand. if i had to sum up from the sidelines how i think he's handled it thus far in a word, the word would be measured. i can it's been a very measured response and i think by and large, the american people are supportive of the way the obama administration has handled it. >> i'm curious what your listeners, when you speak with them, what are their main concerns? >> well, great question. and i think what i should say is what's more significant to me is what they are not saying. it's the nature of a beast of a talk radio audience to not give
9:27 am
him too much slack. what i'm not hearing are criticismes and complaints about the white house handling of this, which frankly is what takes me back to my first point, suggesting that i think there's probably general support for the way in which the white house has approached it. in other words, alex, if they believe that he were budgeteling the situation in egypt, that would be the first to tell me so. >> oh, yeah, your phone lines would be lit up with that rhetoric. >> you got it. >> but michael, what about the understanding? do you think americans get the connection between the u.s. and egypt? >> you and i talked about this last weekend. at that time, my answer was really no, apart from the basics. i think we're all far better informed this week, what are we now six weeks into this incident. we appreciate the size, we appreciate the proximity, financial ramifications, the $1.5 billion a year. if i've heard one complaint over and over again, it's a crimp
9:28 am
simple of why are we spending so much money in that one country and is there another reflection of our dependency on foreign oil, which i think yes is probably the answer. in relationship with israel is something else that i think people are now cognizant of. the whole mubarak record is something that i think people have a fundamental understanding of. in a span of 12 days, i think we've got a long way. >> but when you talk about our shift to the tendency of oil, that has to be ringing up dollar signs in people's minds. do you think americans and your listeners are concerned about the shift away from the economic focus to egypt right now? >> i think it's more -- if we're spending $1.5 billion in egypt, that's $1.5 billion that's not going directly into the u.s. economy. and relative to energy, you know, i had hoped that the events of september 11 would be a wake-up call that we need to wean ourselves from this crack pipe dependency that we have on middle east oil. if september 11 were not that kind of a wake-up call, then i'm
9:29 am
dubious. at these moments, it does remind people that we're over a barrel, literally. >> i'm curious if you at any point in your show been discussing egypt and you've gotten a call saying, michael, i'm still out of work can we talk about jobs? >> there's no doubt that i do. there was an interesting exercise that we did on the radio program recently. the "new york times" had a wonderful computer model where you can attempt to solve the debt and deficit crisis and one of the first decisions that you were forced to make is are you prepared to cut foreign aid? overwhelmingly, people who would participate with me would say yes, it's time to cut back. >> michael, as always, it's good to talk to you. thank you so much. >> you, too. thanks, alex. the beat goes on for the cleveland cavaliers, their defeat last night to the
9:30 am
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innovation for family. innovation for all. ♪ new this morning, there are conflicting reports from egypt on what caused a explosion and fire in a major pipeline today. the blast happened on sinai peninsula. the pipeline transports gas to israel, syria and jordan. michelle, another good day to you. some say this was an accident. others are suggesting terror. what do we know, if anything, definitively? >> hi, alex. really nothing. the gas company is now saying officially they think a gas leak cause today explosion, but not going into detail on what caused the gas leak. was that an act of sabotage? that is one official is saying.
9:34 am
it's a pretty big and important gas line, but it's not causing enormous disruptions right now because the recipients of the gas, and they are heavily dependent on imports, there have been numbers out there, jordan takes gas in that provides 80% of its electricity. but there are other sources so they've been able to regroup and the pipeline is supposed to be fixed within a week. so a huge explosion and big mriems, but not such a disruption for the region, alex. what's interesting is this situation has highlighted the relationship among these countries. egypt deals with israel to export the gas at a particular rate, caused a lot of tension within the country, some controversy there. there was a lot of criticism on how that deal was done and how much israel was paying and so forth. so it was one more example of the prior relationship between
9:35 am
israel and egypt and, you know, what is going to happen from here on out. >> yeah, that's a very insightful observation for which we thank you, michelle kosinski. let's get more perspective on the situation unfolding in egypt. i'm joined like by mark ginsburg as well as washington, d.c. bureau chief. welcome back to the show for both of you. i'll begin with you abdomen ambassador ginsburg. we keep hearing about the muslim brotherhood. first off, give us a sense of what the muslim brotherhood is and what their future goals are as of today. >> the muslim brotherhood, alex was was formed in 1928. it's the great grandaddy of islamicist parties in the middle east and it spawned offshoots in syria and jordan and most importantly, it spawned hamas, which is the arab resistance movement of the islam brotherhood against israel.
9:36 am
in the 2005 parliamentary elections, which is a high water mark for electoral politics, it won 88 seats in egyptian's parliament. it's currently banned, but it's going play a role in competing, probably, for those national assembly seats, although it's leader mohamed elbaradei said that they would not field a presidential candidate, although that could change. >> interesting. in terms of the protests, it seems like president mubarak is playing a waiting game. how long do you think this can last? >> well, nobody really knows. what we know for sure is that the demonstrators over the last 10 to 11 days have shown will, with determination and very important organization. they are obviously saying that they're willing to demonstrate, to continue demonstrating for as
9:37 am
long as it takes. they're going to be demonstrating in bigger numbers tomorrow. they're planning to continue the demonstration on tuesday. and on friday and hoping that something would give in that time. the demonstrators obviously big numbers of them want president mubarak to actually not just stand down, they want him to leave the country. whether in the end he's going to be able to do that or he's going to be nudged by many of his supporters inside of egypt and outside of egypt to actually stand down while continuing to live in egypt possibly, that is a scenario which everybody knows is being talked about a lot. >> so what do you see as being the breaking point? what is it going to take? >> in terms of mubarak
9:38 am
expediting his departure? i think when you're seeing the number of people surrounding mubarak who are nowhere else keeping their distance or increasing their distance, the defense minister who visited the demonstrators, the prime minister, omar suleiman and this interesting group of behind the scenes activists, the former ambassador to the united states, who are proclaiming roles to help if a till tate some sort of accommodation agreement on a transitional government. i suspect that what is really happening here is that mubarak drew a line in the sand, but if he's able to be convinced that there is some peaceful methodology in place by which he can step asine side that would lead to a transitional government sometime in the next few months with the constitution being rewritten by this group, i think he would be willing to expedite his departure. >> that's his perspective. let's get the other perspective
9:39 am
from you, with regard to the protesters. do they want to see that or do they not want to wait for that? because that sounds like that's a little ways off. do they just want him out regardless of the consequences? >> what we're hearing from a lot of the dem the straighters in cairo and egypt is that they want the feeling of demand to remain quite high. they want him gone and they don't want him just gone, they want him gone and leave the country altogether. they want a change of the regime. they say that even if he goes and the remnants of the regime stay, they would not have accomplished very much. they're obviously afraid of reprisals. i think the case of tunisia, if it's anything to go by, provides an interesting indication, although the former president of tunisia fled the country. several of the pillars of his
9:40 am
government actually continue to rule the country and the rationale there is that if we leave now, the country will slide into chaos. we'll continue to keep the country together until there are free and fair elections. and then as the current prime minister in tunisia says, once that process is -- has come about, then he will -- that will be the end of his political career. i don't know to what constituents we're going to see exactly the same scenario in egypt, but i think a lot of egyptians expect the current crowd to be a tough crowd even if the president leaves, it still leaves them with a challenge. >> yes. >>, thanks so much for your insight. it has been increasingly difficult for americans to put food on their table and it's all a matter of costs. why are food prices going up? who has a million things to pick up each month on top of her prescriptions. so she was thrilled that her walgreens pharmacist
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super sunday is set to rake in super bucks. the host committee of the super bowl is expects the game to have an impact of $607 million on the local economy in dallas. i'm joined by lee gallagher of "fortune" magazine. good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> if you look at how many visits are expected, 700,000, it includes all the out of state football fans. the nfl alone has booked some 24,000 hotel rooms. that's huge. >> true. >> put it all into perspective. how big is this game going to be? >> basically, previously, until we had the weather setback, this game was poised to set economic records. the estimates, which albeit is by the host committee, these numbers are soft at best and that estimate everyone probably agrees is a little high. it was establishmented it will bring about $200 million, even a record by its own tracking. but it's tourism, it's people in state, but most of it is people
9:45 am
traveling to dallas. examine this matchup, the steelers and packers, that's a big deal. dallas is in the center of the country, it's easy to get to. normally the weather is great. there's a lot of reasons why this particular super bowl and everything about it was really poised to set some records. >> but records, compare it to the ones in the past. i mean, if we're looking at that number of more lion like in the 200 as opposed to 611 that price water house is suggesting, that is more in keeping with what we've seen, right? >> it is. >> incrementally going up every year? >> it's still a record and it would be beat the record by 2007 which was about $195 million by apples to apples number. >> miami is a southern city with great weather. >> who wouldn't want to spend a weekend in the sun? and think about the economic conditions. one of the worst years was 2009 and 2009 was the bottom of everything economically.
9:46 am
so no one was traveling. >> oh, i remember some of the major parties, you know, i think maxim magazine, with always one of those superstar magazine parties, that was canceled. they talked about they just didn't have the bucks to fund it. >> it was almost near the bottom of the stock market so everything was disappearing. >> the cold weather concerns, though, i know we had janet shamlian talking about local restaurants, golf courses, places where people could get out and do outdoor activities, that's a problem. >> it is. there's a lot of events planned the week before the super bowl. there's been a golf tournament that was canceled. there was a prince concert that was canceled that may or may not have had anything to do with the weather. the weather affects plane cancellations. it throws a branch into everything. nobody wants to go out. it's local restaurants and hotels have seen a real drop off this week. now, it's going to change because, you know, the game is obviously tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be better
9:47 am
tomorrow. but it's really -- it's going to change those numbers. >> okay. leigh gallagher, good to see you again. >> thanks. good to be here. there is fear that rising food prices could add to global stability. the united nations keeps track of food prices. global food inflation is part of the reason protesters are taking to the streets across the arab world. not only in egypt, but in tunisia, yemen and jordan. we have a personal finance expert and the author of "psyche yourself rich." good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> what is it behind food prices? >> there are a number of factors at play. we have rising fuel prices making it more expensive for farmers to manufacture and deliver the food. lately, we've been blaming the weather for so much and the weather is a huge issue here. whether we're talking about flooding in russia, cyclones in
9:48 am
australia, supply is diminishing and at the same time demand is growing. there is a lot of push/pull and that is resulting in global food prices surging in some cases. >> here is an interesting concept about nations thinking about trying to horde food. saudi arabia, algeria are suggesting that. how are food prices having an impact on what we're seeing there, particularly in the middle east? >> hoarding food is awful. and it only adds fuel to the fire, especially when you're a country like egypt where poverty and debt levels are increasingly dproeg. for many families, when food prices go up, it becomes an issue of do i eat or do i starve? and it only builds to most of the more revolt, moving in. >> cases to another country or going to bed hungry. so it's a huge stress on the problem that we're seeing right now. people are -- it's definitely one of the factors at play. >> i want to look quickly at el savlador.
9:49 am
guatemala, they're handing out food vouchers. is this as much of a problem here in the u.s.? >> not to diminish the fact that there are m u.s. how would households having a difficult time putting food on the tables. relatively speaking, our issues are not as much of a shock as what is happening elsewhere. we've been dealing with rising food prices for several years now. whereas in other countries, they're waking up to meat having gone up 18%. the department of agricultural estimates food will go up 2% overall in 2011. that's pretty tame. a lot of people are having difficult times finding jobs, finding work and buying food at the grocery store. >> understandably so. how about our grocery stores, what can we expect here? >> kraft and sara lee saying they're going to have to raise prices this year and something for consumers to be aware of, there's a lot of marketing tricks out there. there's new packaging, for
9:50 am
example, that is being marketed as eco friendly, which is true, but at the same time, they might be smaller packages. like smaller packages of ketchup or all the condiments. so be aware that while prices have shrunk, prices have not been falling, either. when you're out there, make sure you're shopping and you're aware of unit per price and price ande you are buying staples in bulk. so just be careful about making sure you are sticking to your list. and go for the store brand labels. the super bowl blitz, ad wars that reach a peak on super sunday. e felt lost...
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flash floods hit some parts of the region while 186 miles an hour winds flooded homes and left one person dead. secretary of state hillary clinton says leaders from the middle east should embrace democratic reforms despite the risk of problems. she also said it will make arab nations stronger and less susceptible to extremist ideologies. >> what is the likelihood that
9:55 am
extremists will come to power in egypt? >> it is premature to be hyper ventilating about that. there hasn't been any sort of political banter yet. what will be important to watch as the transition unfolds, however, if the transition unfolds, is what sort of electoral system can come into being in egypt. this would definitely favor the muslim brotherhood in any parliamentary election. there would be many others running for the same seat and they would be running one candidate and having a very disciplined organization could direct their people to vote for that person. right now i don't think it is too great a threat. >> okay. even if extremists don't come into power, will a government
9:56 am
take over be less inclined to be u.s. friendly? what is that scenario if that were to happen? >> i do think that whatever government comes into power will likely be less sus suspectable to american pressure in various areas. whatever government comes to power will calculate its own interest and it will want to cooperate with the united states in certain things. certainly there will be areas particularly in the israeli egyptian file where a new basis for discussion is going to have to be reached whether sit delivery of gas supplies or the philadelphia corridor. there are a number of issues that any egyptian government that comes to power will likely have a different view on.
9:57 am
there were short term losses, but most people will agree that a democratic chile has been more stable for the item. >> the u.s. is playing a role behind the scenes to try to orchestrate the changes of power but how much effect can the u.s. have? >> the influence that we have is with the military. i think we have very limited influence beyond that. and right now i think there are two key things. one is to convince the military as we seem to have been successful in avoiding a tienamin type moment where they would allow the thugs to enter into the crowds and perpetrate violence to the people. i think we were successful there. whether or not we can urge them to make this transition to nudge mubarak out i think is going to be a very difficult thing to do. there has been no fundamental change yet in egypt. unless mubarak goes and there is
9:58 am
some symbol of real change in 1954, there was a similar situation where the ejipgs were pressing him for change and reform and he promised he would do it and we're still here. >> okay. glad you are here with us today. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> in just a moment we're going to take you to cairo for a check on what is happening here. and coming up, the clamor for an imp phone. will there be enough to go around for verizon customers out there
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